The coronavirus crisis and its social distancing effects have taught retailers that trading operations post-lockdown will require a different approach and that a reliable e-commerce system needs to be a part of that.
It's fair to say that 2020 has created some unusual trading conditions for businesses. However, companies using SaaS have weathered the storm better than most - is it time you joined them?
The current reality of living in South Africa is that we have to deal with loadshedding. And we will most likely be dealing with rolling blackouts  for another eighteen months to come in order for maintenance on Eskom’s infrastructure to take place.
With everything going on, it seems the world is in a very strange place and there has been a lot of disruption.
Key performance indicators (KPI) are a quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success of a business by looking specifically at employees and departments in meeting key business objectives for performance.
Given everything that’s going on since the outbreak of Covid-19, there is a lot of talk around a new way of life. This will probably be true for businesses as well.
Virtual reality (“VR”) has been around for a while now but has only in recent years become a bigger reality for consumers.
There is a lot of talk about the technological concept of ‘The Cloud’ and most of us use it without even realising it. There are however still many misconceptions and misunderstandings about cloud services amongst small businesses and the uses for them. What is Cloud?
Data has become critical for most business. However, it can be challenging to keep track of it all, especially when you are on the spot with your customers.
Security has always been  top of mind for most retailers. There are ways to deal with this and a Point of Sale (POS) System can help. An integrated POS system can store big amounts of data which is very valuable in this day and age.
Covid 19 has undoubtedly caused havoc in many areas and unfortunately a big impact can be seen within the economy and in many people’s lives.  We cannot wait to see this end so we can find a new norm and to move forward again.
With advancements in technology becoming more and more common, the need for the customer’s experience to become more digital, is greater than ever.
Times are tough and there are many uncertainties given all that is going on in the world, but it will pass. Right now, all we can do is to look forward, to think ahead and to put some plans and actions in place for when this has indeed passed.
The coronavirus has dominated headlines and the news since the beginning of 2020. Since the first cases of COVID-19 was confirmed in South Africa, businesses have been worried about the outbreak, the panic that comes with it and the after effects.
With the growth of the digital world, space and demand for online retail has opened up. And with technology booming at such a rapid rate, one would assume that online retail is growing with it and retail stores are going out of fashion.
Transformation starts when we take action. It stands for change and goes way beyond just products and services… It revolutionises your offering and empowers businesses and people.
Experiential retail has been around for many years, but it has not been the be-all and end-all with regards to brand preference. However, it is important to the Millennials and Gen Z’s. What is experiential retail?
As a small business without the budget of a larger enterprise, growing your business can be a daunting challenge. There are many tools that can help ease the stress and smoothen the process to assist in growing your business. A good Point of Sale (POS) solution is an example of such a tool.
Brand loyalty is key to the success of any business; however, brand loyalty can make or break a retail business. Consumer’s need to resonate with your brand or admire it before they become loyal to your brand so brand loyalty is an important factor.
Choosing a Point of Sale solution for your restaurant can be stressful as it is a long-term investment and a critical part of your customer service offering. Therefore, restaurant owners or managers need to think carefully about the solutions they opt for.
E-commerce trading increases exponentially before and during the holiday periods, think of Easter, Valentine’s Day and the popular Black Friday promotions and Cyber Monday specials. Get prepared for the influx of customer orders with these online shopping tips.
Future-proof your retail business with a top-class high-quality ERP solution that keeps your operations integrated, well-organised, efficient and transparent. Here is some key functionality you should rely on to remain competitive in 2020 and beyond. Cloud Integration
Great marketing strategies can benefit even the smallest of retailers with limited budgets. Focus on providing a seamless retail experience and excellent customer service by covering these efficient marketing strategies: Consider omnichannel marketing
As the holiday season is in full swing, retailers and e-commerce businesses should be prepared for an influx of online orders and deliveries to customers. Ensure that all deliveries are resolved quickly and efficiently by optimising your delivery process.
Hospitality and restaurant environments require a dedicated management solution with dynamic functionality. The solution must handle multiple transactions, optimise staff efficiency, balance inventory, and maintain a competitive service offering.
The traditional retail industry is facing increasing pressure from online commerce and digital-driven consumer behaviour. Brick-and-mortar stores are feeling the impact of digital and the hype of automation and AI technologies.
An electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) solution supports your product or service delivery process. It is instrumental in the fast resolution of most common delivery challenges, by improving the communication between drivers on-site and the office.
One way retailers can encourage repeat sales and create brand awareness at the same time is to offer loyalty programmes for customers.
Retailers are continuously looking for ways to promote their brand and boost sales, especially with the festive year-end season in sight. Improve your retail experience with the following suggestions: 1. Grow Your Online Sales
Payroll software is essential to streamline HR operations and boost employee productivity in any industry. However, high staff turnover and poor management are often the case in the retail, hospitality or distribution markets.
Cloud-based payroll software can assist with simplifying HR related processes, ensuring an efficient, accurate and hassle-free payroll experience. In this blog, we look at the main benefits this solution offers for HR management.
The main advantages of using POS software is the automation of sales operations, ease of use and to streamline processes.
The retail industry is a fast-paced environment, which requires a business management solution that is flexible enough to adapt, easy enough to integrate and customisable as and where needed, even for the smallest of retailers.
There are many ways to improve customer service in your retail operation, starting with the proper training of customer facing sales staff. However, retailers often overlook the real value that a well-chosen point of sale solution can add to your customer service offering.
Retail ERP software has dramatically evolved in recent years since the classic on-premise software. These options use to be more popular amongst bigger businesses but these days there are options for businesses of all sizes.
If you are a small or medium-sized retailer, you face the choice between investing in an enterprise-grade ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution and implementing small business software. Did you know that you can get an ERP solution that is tailored for small to medium sized businesses?
Retail management is a demanding business. Competing in today’s markets is becoming increasingly difficult for small and medium sized retailers without the marketing budgets and technological advantages of the larger enterprises.
Retail operations need to be complemented by a strong tech support system and high-quality back-end processes to ensure business transactions run smoothly.
Inventory management is an important feature that is included in most systems, enabling the management and control of stock. However, this process can get difficult, time-consuming and complex.
The right Point-of-Sale system or POS is a vital component of your retail business. It not only helps your customers pay for their purchases but can simplify your business operations and provide you with key data to make more informed decisions.
If you are a local builder’s trader, you know how difficult it is to compete with the more established merchants, especially those with a national footprint, multiple locations and franchises as well as a large, diverse customer base.
As the popularity of emerging digital technologies increases, so does the face of the retail and distribution industry.
As the retail landscape changes and becomes more technology-focused, it has become increasingly important for retail businesses to keep on track with the various trends that dictate the trajectory of industry.
Customer demand has become very complex and very challenging. Previously, distributors could base their supply on the basics of simply supplying products and fulfilling a need for certain products but today the landscape is vastly different.
Cloud-based services have become the norm for many businesses around the world. Not only is it a safer option as it mitigates many risks, but it has also become a universal signal that a business has moved on to the next generation of technology.
A changing economy means that businesses are having to focus more on making the most of what they have and to be cost conscious. This has a big effect on not only small purchases but even more so on the big purchases such as expensive machinery and equipment.
Today, more than ever before, consumers and businesses alike are becoming more conscious about the environment and the role they can play to become more environmentally friendly.  For example, many restaurants the world over have started using paper or biodegradable drinking straws, while the lik
Data – a word that has been thrown around a lot but all for a very good reason.
Stock management, for any retail business, is a crucial building block to success. Without it, organisations would struggle to operate optimally and face the risk of complete failure.
In many cases, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software forms the basis for a company’s infrastructure and operations. Without it, organisations can quickly fall apart due to their dependency on the system.
It can be easy to feel overwhelmed at work when your task list is never-ending, your clients have a perpetual stream of requests, and there is no end to the emails in your inbox.
From load-shedding to labour strikes, living in South Africa poses a number of challenges for retailers. However, as our social climate changes, we adapt to new ways of doing business.
The potential from using advanced data management applications is enormous.
If you run a retail business, there is no denying the fact that you are accustomed to a variety of challenges. However, with a high-quality POS system, you can mitigate these challenges and turn them into opportunities for improvement.
Distributors within the retail sector, require a fair amount of business planning in order to thrive and not just survive.
The first generation to grow up with uninterrupted access to technology and information are the Millennials. Millennials are perceived as a tough market to understand which often translates into the workplace.
Contrary to popular belief, retail management is not a simple job that allows customers to be right all the time.
The retail industry, the world over, is a tough vertical that often needs refinement in terms of management due to the fast-paced change that occurs within short periods of time. Very often, the success of a retail outlet lies in the capabilities of the management team.
There is no denying the fact that data makes the world go ‘round and managing your business’ data and various parts of information in a transparent, organised, integrated and effective manner is key.
Enterprise Resource Planning helps businesses make better decisions, improves productivity, mitigates various risks, and assists in reducing costs. Not every small business has an implemented, water-tight ERP strategy though.
With the festive season in full-swing, retail businesses are looking for various ways in which to win over their most complicated shoppers. From the big spenders to budget-conscious, it is important to cater to all shopping styles.
Shopping cart abandonment can lead to major concerns for retail businesses, especially when they experience them in high levels.
When it comes to managing and running a business, it’s tough for decision makers to ignore the various buzzwords that become part of our everyday vocabulary. From Y2K and cryptocurrency to digital transformation, trends come and go.
From encouraging the loyalty of existing customers to encouraging the loyalty of new customers, a loyalty programme can give a retail business a significant boost in both awareness and turnover.
ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is a smart solution for small to medium businesses that are looking to improve their internal processes, perfect their time management, increase output, and maximise available resources.
With the festive season around the corner, it’s important to consider the general economic climate of the country in order to deep-dive into the various ways in which to best serve your customers.
Did you know that, for many businesses, festive season sales account for up to 30 percent of annual sales? In South Africa, in a volatile economic climate, this statistic means a significant portion of income comes from two months’ of the year.
From the technology on your phone to completing a transaction via internet banking, cloud computing is a major part of our everyday lives, and is quickly becoming the norm as more businesses transition to cloud-based computing in an effort to streamline business processes, save valuable time, and
Are you looking to become a reseller of a product or service? The reseller dropship business model is not only affordable, but also it is the ideal model for entrepreneurs who are looking to branch out in the retail space.
Like any business best practice, payroll management is constantly evolving which means that organisations need to keep up to date with the latest changes and modifications in real time.
Looking for reasons to automate your business? How about because you’re looking to boost your bottom line by implementing a POS system that will change the way in which you do business?
When it comes to best business practice, it’s difficult to escape the importance of an ERP solution, especially considering its various benefits. If you’re looking at improving your approach to your existing ERP solution, take a look at these ERP trends worth your attention.
There is no denying the fact that, whether you’re opening your first retail store or are a seasoned store owner, a reliable and integrated POS system is a life changing tool. Oftentimes, a POS solution can mean success or failure for a retail business.
If there ever was a perfect example of a business with a large surplus of stock, it would be a tyre dealership. While all businesses can benefit from regular and accurate stock management, the perks of stock management and efficient inventory checks benefit tyre dealerships most.
When it comes to the highly competitive world of restaurants, one way in which to differentiate the good from the best is through their business practice and customer service.
For software resellers, the secret to success lies in the collective power of two companies – the reseller itself, and the organisation. A strong combination of expertise, engagement, and management results in almost guaranteed success.
A reliable point-of-sale (POS) system is one of the most important business tools for any small and medium-sized businesses, especially when carrying a large amount of stock.
When it comes to an organisation’s success, a selection of reliable business solutions make up a business leader’s toolkit. One of these essential business solutions is quality payroll software that can assist HR practitioners streamline various tasks.
Running your own business can often mean a monotonous list of things to do and people to call. We’ll admit that this can be tough, and can often result in business owners losing sight of the bigger picture.
When it comes to DIY, everyone is an expert, and when it comes to shopping for home improvement supplies, many customers believe that a simple product description is not good enough; they need a more tangible way in which to weigh up the necessary supplies.
Unsolicited client feedback is never easy to stomach, especially if it’s made public. However, if you can properly manage client criticism – in whatever form – the chances are high that unsatisfied customers will give you a second chance and possibly recommend your business.
From 2012 to 2013, the Association of Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) reported that fraudulent life insurance claims increased from R700 million to R800 million in a one-year period.