eSales – Order Capturing Simplified

Nobody understands the ‘move to mobile’ better than IQ Retail, which is why we’re proud to support your business with our eSales app.

eSales is a mobile app that enables you to easily raise quotes and capture customer orders. The app can help your Sales teams in-branch or at your customers’ premises, with a focus on streamlining processes with seamless mobility.

Nowadays, all businesses understand how important it is to keep their processes streamlined to maintain their competitive advantage and ensure they deliver excellent customer service. Digital and mobile solutions have become an integral part of customers’ and businesses’ daily activity. The eSales app has many features that businesses can benefit from.

These benefits include:

  • An easy to use mobile app: eSales has a unique built-in search function and clear display, so you can navigate your inventory easily. You can also show customers product images and other details, to help them get the info they need.
  • Use in any location: Your Sales teams can accompany customers in-store, capturing orders or helping them to build baskets as they go. In addition, your remote salesforce can capture and process customer requests while on-site. How’s that for convenience?
  • The ability to build orders and quotes quickly: Once orders are confirmed within the mobile app, they are imported directly into IQ and processed immediately. You can also control workflows from the app – for example, in cases where a customer might want to place an order for collection or delivery.
  • Alternative product suggestions: Sales representatives can accompany customers in-store and make alternative product suggestions on the move – all while operating the eSales app on a tablet or mobile device.

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Watch our latest video to find out how eSales can help to streamline your sales processes.