The IQ API & DATA EXTRACTION utility serves as an integration layer for third party integrators to interact with the IQ Retail software package & database.


Stock2Shop specialises in systems integration for B2C and B2B eCommerce. Our cloud based middleware sends product updates from IQ Retail to various online sales channels, ensuring that price and stock data are accurate. When a customer places an online order, Stock2Shop syncs it back into IQ Retail as a sales order or invoice.


WebPro is a cloud-based solution that enables your cash customers to trade online. Consumers can browse your product catalogue, search for products and quickly add them to their basket.


Sync your eCommmerce same-day with IQ Retail, with no setup cost, allowing you to easily integrate IQ Retail with your WooCommerce, Shopify or Takealot sales platforms for automatic price, stock and order updates. Add B2B wholesale live catalog ordering for registered customers, with complex pricing, multi-warehousing, and lots more.

eSolve Eurus

eSolve Eurus is a full-featured, next-generation integrated e-commerce product that offers the best online experience to all users no matter the device used. It integrates with IQ Enterprise ensuring up-to-date product and other related information.