3 Great Marketing Strategies for Small Retailers

Great marketing strategies can benefit even the smallest of retailers with limited budgets. Focus on providing a seamless retail experience and excellent customer service by covering these efficient marketing strategies:

Consider omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing is not just for established retailers with big budgets. Take a multichannel sales approach and provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience via desktops, on mobile devices or at your physical stores. For example, some customers will compare prices online and then shop in physical locations.

Start by unifying all retail data and operations into a reliable business management platform that covers all the customer touchpoints, online and offline. Each marketing channel should work towards creating a unified brand message and customer service.

Add cross-media marketing

Consider mixing traditional with digital marketing efforts to attract new clients. Use social media marketing to create more engagement and brand awareness and embrace technologies such as digital catalogues or adding QR codes to printed marketing materials. Think cost-effective creative marketing. It’s never been a better time to mix things up!

Visualise your planning and resources in one place with the help of an integrated ERP software that focuses on retail-specific operations and optimises customer service.

Introduce loyalty and reward programmes

Leveraging loyalty and seasonal gift cards for your customers can bring additional revenue or increase average sales per client, while helping your brand better connect with its customers. Take, for example, birthday cards or vouchers, and special discounts only offered to members who join your loyalty or reward programme.

Ensure that your retail software and point-of-sale systems can accommodate the introduction of customer service benefits such as reward or loyalty cards and customer communications. Your retail solution should also be capable of providing customer analytics and reporting to measure your marketing results.

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