Making the Most of Your Software Investment

During these trying and unusual times, it’s important for businesses to stretch what they have, to streamline operational processes and to make the most of their business management systems, especially if they have good systems in place. Having a good system is the first step in moving your business forward, but ensuring users know how to use their system to its full potential is just as important.

Upskilling on your software or business management system can make a big difference to the bottom line and in how efficiently your business operates, whilst also saving time and cutting costs at the same time. It is therefore exceptionally important to ensure you get maximum value from your system. There are various ways to upskill or improve on your system knowledge, but structured training provides optimal value as users will get insights in to functionality they may not even have been aware of and are able to learn about the best ways to go about certain tasks within the system. Structured training comes in different forms these days, including classroom style courses and online training. Some prefer classroom style courses and others prefer to learn at their own pace and in their own time. Both options provide exceptional value.

IQ Retail offer both class room style courses and online training and have a team of experienced instructors available, who have adapted the classroom style courses to enable students the opportunity to study in their own time, via an online training platform.

Our online training or Learner Management Platform is called IQ Education Junction. It provides students with an opportunity to learn how to use our software solutions to its full potential.  It’s been running for some time now but it just keeps getting better and offers exceptional value to its students, providing access to the same information they would have learnt in a live classroom style session.

Training in this manner has become hugely popular, with courses available for IQ Enterprise, IQ Business, IQ POS, IQ Payroll and Integrity Payroll & HR. Additionally, there are several modular courses on offer such as Single View and Workshop. And finally, there is a specialist report writing course for the advanced learner. All of these courses have been designed for anyone who would like to learn how to use IQ Retail’s software solutions or wishing to improve on their knowledge of the IQ systems.

With Covid-19 causing havoc, resulting in what seems to be some permanent changes, such as an increasing need for digital transformation, many users are opting for eLearning methods. It’s easily accessible, eliminates the need for travel, and ensures social interactions are kept to a minimum whilst also offering the much needed flexibility for both learners and their employers. There has been a tremendous uptake of online learning since its launch in October 2019, with both local and international resellers reaping the benefits.

These courses provide quite a broad product overview, creating greater awareness and confidence on using the systems which really empowers our users.

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