A Word from Trevor Dorasamy at Kerridge Commercial Systems, Kenya

I am delighted that we are able to provide feature rich systems at an affordable price point in Kenya. Moreover, we simplify the experience for our customers by providing integrated solutions with consultants offering guidance every step of the way.

Customers continue to discover functionality that optimises their business processes. Start-ups investing in a robust system that is able to provide analytics and decision-making intelligence, have found themselves reaching parity with established business very quickly, and developing a niche in the marketplace. That niche is directly related to survival.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted areas within businesses that need reinforcement. Allowing unrestricted control over terms of payment seemed to have been regarded as being a courteous norm. Successful businesses before COVID, now found themselves struggling to collect debt, and have fundamentally changed their stance. Our systems can assist to maintain a good balance between collections and customer service. One of our strengths is on the aspect of stock management. During tough times, when bold decisions are required, the system will validate your resolve by providing numerical support. If you need to reduce your product range or determine the essential stock to be procured, our systems will confirm.

The transition to digital is often associated with costly, complicated systems and a conflict with the business culture, so it may be discouraging. It is however becoming unavoidable and businesses can’t delay it for much longer. Revenue Authorities are also becoming more digitised and more connected to customers systems. The management of change is vital in these transitions, and we provide a warm, non-technical, phased approach.

We have been in this line of business for decades so possess a genuine understanding of the market. We design and develop solutions that are aimed at specific industries. Through experience we have managed to create solutions that are affordable. The fully integrated aspect is especially important as it means that all your operational processes like stock control, accounting, ecommerce platform, mobile field sales, offline resilience, data analytics and payment platforms can all work together.

Our systems are world-class, and our customers are able to compete and trade effectively. We continue to add to the list of services that we offer – we do the tedious background work and build strategic partnerships to be able to offer bundles to the customer, that can be easily implemented.

IQ Retail, a KCS company and leading ERP and integrated Point-of-sale provider, have become a partner of choice for many businesses in Kenya.

Our M-Pesa integration is worth highlighting. Easy and secure payments that fully integrates with our Point-of-sale and ERP, without physical contact.

You will gain these benefits:

  • Efficiency at the till point
  • Accuracy, so no more capture errors
  • Sends the money directly to your bank
  • Assists in the prevention of fraud

Feel free to contact me so we can discuss how our solutions can help your business.