M-Pesa Integration

Since the start of COVID-19 the world seems to have adapted to a new norm. Most businesses have experienced challenges during these times and the results will probably be visible for a long time to come…

One of the key areas that has become even more evident than before, is the drive to move towards safer, simpler and more digital ways of doing business.
The businesses that were able to tick those boxes prior to COVID, seemed to have better weathered the storm than the rest. And those who are not quite there yet, are most certainly looking at that now!

Digital for example provides the benefit of managing by exception, and having visibility of remote branches from afar, to name just a few of the advantages. This kind of transition often seems like a big hassle though, so much so, that it sometimes scares businesses from taking those next steps in going digital. And that’s understandable. A new system might be complicated to use, probably costs a fortune and often requires the implementation of multiple systems for multiple functions. This sounds messy.

In this day and age, going digital does not have to be complicated, costly or messy. There are solutions available for businesses of all sizes … and yes, this also applies to start-ups.

One such solution is from IQ Retail, a leading ERP with integrated Point-of-sale. IQ Retail  is  quick and easy to implement, very cost effective and fully integrated. This means one system that can run all of your operational processes such as stock control, POS, consolidates e-commerce, accounting and integrated payments with the likes of M-Pesa and much more.  With IQ’s M-Pesa integration, a push technology is used. This provides a more secure and hassle free way of transacting, a key requirement today, and assists in preventing fraud. Additionally, IQ Retail’s consultants know the industry and will make the effort to guide you through the changeover.

If everything works more seamlessly, customers will experience a smoother and more enjoyable process when doing business with you, and especially at the till point.

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