IQ Retail - Top Selling Business Partners for 2020

2020 might seem like a distant memory by now, but it’s still good to have a look back and reassess, especially to reflect on what worked well, where the positives were and how we can build on that. 
In an unprecedented year, which brought about so many challenges in so many different ways for all of us, we worked hard to ensure we continue to do what we can for our customers, to make available solutions that would make a difference and to ensure the success and longevity of the business. Despite all the challenges in these unusual times, we are proud to look back on what we have achieved.

We cannot look back on our achievements, without realising what immense value our Business Partners bring to the IQ Retail team! With that in mind, we would like to thank all of our Business Partners for their efforts.
We have seen some great success and value each and every partner.

We would however like to highlight our top three selling business partners. They have truly blown away all expectations and have achieved the position of ‘Top Selling Business Partners for 2020’.

The top three business partners are:
1st place: Mobile Scanning Systems (Pty) Ltd,
2nd place: Chips Enterprise Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, and
3rd place: ALPro PC Software Solutions.

Congratulations on these positions! And thank you for all your hard work. A bit more on our top selling Business Partners:

1st Place Mobile Scanning – Paul de Klerk, Managing Director

“Having been a most peculiar year to start with, if anyone told me we would end up being Number 1 of all Business Partners for IQ Retail sales for 2020, I would have not believed it. The year started slow and then came Covid19 which changed the world as we knew it. By the time we wiped our eyes out it was 1 May and we had only done R 38,000 worth of IQ Retail Software Sales. My Partner and I then decided that we will have to pull out all the stops to even try to remain a Platinum Business Partner. We exploited every possible sale and just made the half year grading. From there we seemed to have gained momentum and I was still signing deals between the Christmas and the New Year’s week.
I would like to thank our team for the combined effort they put in to achieve the Number 1 spot. We realised we could achieve this around November and never took our eye of the ball. It was hard work, and we feel privileged to have had the opportunity to achieve this.”

2nd Place Chips Enterprise Solutions (Pvt) Ltd - Rob Watson, Managing Director

“It means a lot to us to be recognized as a worthy Business Partner of IQ Retail. This recognition is important for our existing and potential customers to see that we are committed as a company and aim to grow IQ Accounting and Business Management Software in Zimbabwe.
We have committed to training and certifying our Sales and Support Staff on IQ. We have received great support from the IQ Retail team in Stellenbosch. Our local brand “Chips” is strong and well known in the Zimbabwean market. IQ has a strong track record in the distribution and retail space and their track record in the South African market has made it easier to win the confidence of local clients with good reference-ability.”

3rd Place ALPro PC Software Solutions - Alex de Kock, Managing Director

“It is a privilege to be part of the IQ Business Partner team. This gives us more motivation to focus on future achievements & building on the brand and services associated with the KCS group. We are honoured to be part of the successes in 2020 & would like to also thank the IQ team for their assistance and support, in reaching such heights. The backing of every Business Partner, the support & sales team at IQ, as well as the backing of IQ Management has been key to our success. We gave each lead our all & strived towards customer service excellence. The hours spent to achieve our goals have been well worth it.

I would just like to thank the team at IQ Retail & my fellow business partners for all their assistance and support. Without such a great team behind us, we would not have managed to make 2020 such a success.”

As the year progresses, we enjoyed reflecting on 2020 to help reassess the year that is 2021. We have learnt a lot, we have all experienced some challenges and more, but it’s been amazing to look at the successes and possibilities. Thanks again to everyone and congratulations to our top three Business Partners.