Checking in with Our Valued Customers

It has been a challenging couple of months but let’s look at the silver linings and find the positives and the opportunities.

During these last few months we have worked hard to be able to continue to support our customers throughout lockdown. We have also realised that consumer behaviour will have changed during these unusual times and that will push businesses to change. Some of these changes will remain post Covid which means businesses needs to adapt accordingly.

With that in mind, we have been spending a lot of time and effort on R&D to make sure our customers have access to the necessary solutions. Given the nature of circumstances, we believe it is more important than ever for businesses to modernise their operations as it helps to adapt to changes more quickly and provides a competitive edge during difficult times.

Here are some of our latest developments that might be of use to your business during these unusual and changing times.

Check out the following solutions that might be useful for your business

  • Receive till slips on your phone

Receive your till slips directly on your phone via WhatsApp. This can be done by integrating the iKusasa mobile solution with your IQ system. This will limit paper consumption!

  • New Hire / asset management solution

IQ now integrates with inspHire, our hiring solution! Simplify your asset management today. Contact us if you would like to find out more about how this might help your business.

  • Mobile order capturing solution

Our new mobile app enables users to quickly and easily raise quotes and capture customer orders, both in-store or remotely.

  • RFID Access Control

Enabling quick, easy, secure and contactless logins to your IQ system.

  • Zapper integration

IQ Retail now integrates with Zapper. Zapper offers convenient, safe, and low-cost contactless payments and loyalty.

Interested in these offerings?
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