Afri Welding & Tools opts for flexibility and optimisation of stock in choosing IQ Retail’s ERP solution

Afri Welding and Tools, a well-established business based in Rosslyn, Pretoria is synonymous for their superior service and high-quality products in the supply and repair of all welding and gas cutting equipment. Establishing the need for a system that could better manage their inventory, the search began for a suitable system. A new system had to support the multi-faceted operations of the business, optimise their inventory, while maintaining the high standard of customer service, continuously delivering effective management information and being able to support future growth.

After rigorous reviews of candidate systems, Afri Welding and Tools selected IQ Enterprise, a robust and fully integrated solution, with a powerful inventory management module, that offers flexible reporting and auditing abilities. This module allows full control of your business assets and your inventory process, while managing and optimising your inventory levels. Pieter Marais, co-owner at Afri Welding and Tools commented; “IQ Retail’s stock management module is integral to our business management process; without it the business cannot go forward. The flexibility of the module and its auditing capabilities has brought stability to our overall stock management and has established accountability within our business”.

A client since March 2013, IQ Enterprise’s bespoke functionality has provided Afri Welding and Tools:

  • Comprehensive stock reporting and customisation of standard reports
  • Ability to view audit trails for any transaction
  • Real-time access to actual data and performance
  • Improvement in all areas of stock & supply chain management
  • Control over theft and stock shrinkage
  • Streamlined critical control processes
  • Flexible merchandising supply

Pieter Marais, at Afri Welding and Tools added; “IQ Retail is a worthwhile investment. Without a system that offers good reporting and accounting, a business cannot be successful – IQ Retail successfully offers these functionalities to their clients.” Alwyn Neethling, from Neo Wave (Pty) Ltd, Authorised IQ Retail Business Partner commented; “IQ Enterprise is a feature and function rich solution that offers the flexibility required to operate a multi-faceted business. The solution enhances a business’s operation and management processes, assisting in maintaining stability while supporting a platform for future growth, making it an all in one solution for any business.”

About Afri Welding and Tools
As specialists within their industry, Afri Welding and Tool also offer a vast range of pneumatic tools, power tools, hand tools and shielding gasses. They repair all kinds of welding machines, plasma cutters and torches as well as offer rentals of welding machines, heat treatment- and stress relieving equipment.