Why Should I Choose a Software Solution Specific to My Industry?

Running a business is not a small feat. And every aspect needs to be considered in how you manage any and all of your business’ processes, from employment to finances, technology and everything in between. That is why choosing to use an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), business or retail management solution, is a smart idea. These used to be exceptional solutions more aimed at the larger businesses… Today ERP, retail and business management systems have just gotten better and there is something for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Effective ERP, business or retail management systems support a large range of business functions. Whether you need insight on sales or stats on your employees or want to manage your accounting more effectively and much more, a good ERP, business or retail management system can provide you with all of this useful information, all from one place. They also help ensure that your entire team is on the same page when it comes to goals and business objectives or can ensure that there is transparency or even an awareness of what’s going on between your business’ different functions which supports streamlined operational processes.

Generic ERP, business management or retail systems are good, but might lack elements that are specific to your industry. They can certainly perform basic functions, but when it comes to getting the nitty-gritty aspects that matters to your type of business or industry, it might not always be presented in the best way for your specific business or industry’s requirements. For example, if you are in distribution, you might want a more in-depth and customized system to keep precise track of all your products and processes. Or, if you are a retailer with multiple locations, you want to keep track of your inventory in real time, so you know when to replenish and when to move inventory around. More benefits of choosing an industry-specific software system include:

Lower implementation costs – you will not need to spend money customizing a generic system to fit your industry-specific needs.
Shorter implementation time – you do not need to tinker around with a generic system to set up the industry-related metric you care about. And there are solutions that is quick and easy to implement, with many long term benefits.
Less frustration – your industry specific system will be made with your industry’s requirements in mind, so you do not need to discern which options actually work for your business and which aren’t applicable.

Since some of these systems are able to work across a variety of business functions, investing in one system that is specific to your industry only makes sense. Whether it be inventory control, stock management, POS, or another aspect of your business, having an industry-specific solution makes the implementation process and user experience significantly better for both the business and its employees.

Industries We Work With:

IQ Retail provides industry-specific ERP programs for a number of industries. Some of those industries include: 

At IQ Retail, our mission is to design and deliver high-performing, integrated, industry-specific ERP systems that help our customers grow their business and improve their operations.

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