3 Ways to Get More Retail Sales this Festive Season

Retailers are continuously looking for ways to promote their brand and boost sales, especially with the festive year-end season in sight. Improve your retail experience with the following suggestions:

1. Grow Your Online Sales

If you haven’t expanded beyond the retail store, do it now, since online stores drive significant sales over holidays. Encourage customers to shop online by offering special rates, substantial discounts and exclusive offers for online purchases only.

Ensure that your retail ERP software can support e-commerce sales integration with your POS system and provide multiple checkout payment options for online shoppers.

2. Start a Pop-up Shop

A festive pop-up shop is a great way to create brand awareness, engage with customers, promote new products, or test out new markets. It allows customers to experience products before purchasing in a fun and relaxed environment. Also, pop-up stores are temporary and ideal for moving unsold stock faster and liquidating surplus stock.

Take advantage of festive markets, trade shows and busy shopping malls to organise your pop-up store and actively promote your retail brand. Provide a seamless customer experience by integrating an efficient POS system that quickly communicates with your retail ERP solution.

3. Provide End-to-end Customer Service

Sales support and customer service are critical during holidays. Customers expect professional and efficient customer service from the point-of-sale to the after-sales service. Focus on fast and accurate transaction processing and ensure your customers receive swift assistance should they need to change or recall orders.

Your POS system should manage all transactional data, multiple payment options, cash & account sales, refunds and lay-byes effortlessly. This way, your customers enjoy a pleasurable and hassle-free shopping time, while your business can increase customer retention and loyalty.

IQ POS is a fully integrated solution for point-of-sale data with built-in flexibility for single or multi-site terminal capability.

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